Volunteering at Virtual Playa Info 


You don’t need to be a computer wizard or virtual gaming tech geek to be a valuable member of our team. If you are that person, of course, please step to the front of the line. We can always use Jedi masters.


Most virtual Burn volunteers start at square one and we are very happy to welcome you on board.  We all started there. One of the best ways we learn and increase skills is to join in next to a more experienced Volunteer, often in a chat or zoom room.  Of course, we have great training, but the easiest and fun way to gain experience is interacting with Participants in a group situation with other volunteers.  You’ve got this.


Becoming a virtual volunteer doesn’t require special VR headsets or equipment.  Nearly all VR platforms and applications can be experienced in 2D on a Mac, PC, tablet, or a smartphone.  Some events may be happening in 3D, which would be best viewed with headsets. Nice but not necessary.  


Our vPI volunteers come from various backgrounds.  There are similarities but everyone is unique. If you’ve been to BRC, great.  Done a regional burn or two? Check. Speak another language?  Oh, yes.  Don’t speak?  Really?  We have a place for you.  If you have volunteered in theme camps or volunteered elsewhere in events, we should talk.


We have virtual volunteers across different time zones on the East Coast, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and India.  We would love to add Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia, and Japan among others. Our global volunteers would love more company.


We want to make Virtual volunteering not that much different from volunteering at Playa Info in the dust of Black Rock City.  We know everybody wants to be physically  “In Real Life” at BRC or regional events. By virtually volunteering we think you can experience the excitement and comradery of Live Burning Man events.  Please come by and visit with us during the Burn regardless if you volunteer or not. We’d love to see you.


We’re coming soon to a country near you.  Come join our global online team. 


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