Virtual Playa Info is that place during a Burning Man event where participants from all over the event can find a live person who will answer any and all questions.


What do we do?

  • We provide orientation to the event and orientation to the worlds
  • We tailor recommendations to each individual’s preferences or abilities
  • We maintain an updated event database
  • Tech Support is a critical function. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone knows how to navigate the online world.
  • And we do it all within the realm of the 10 principles of Burning Man


How do we do this?


We communicate live in three modes: 

  • Zoom Rooms, 
  • Live Text Chat, 
  • Posting Ambassador Oracles as avatars into worlds.


Is there training?

The vPlaya Info training program consists of several modules. Introduction to vPlaya Info is required for all vPI volunteers. All others are optional. These modules are either live presentations and/or pre-recorded ones. 


Introduction to vPlaya Info is a live introductory session where you will be introduced to the role of Oracles, as well as preparing for and working on shifts. 


Discord and Zoom Training will be available as both a live presentation and a pre-recorded one. 

Harm Reduction Training
is a session designed to understand how to interact with an online participant that is exhibiting ideations of crisis. The session will be recorded and available as a recording. 

Why Volunteer fo vPlaya Info

  • The Community is looking for you! Connect with the Burning Man community!
  • The peer-to-peer connection is real and needed – just as it is on playa.
  • Sharpen current skills and learn new ones.
  • Cool Comms better than Radios!
  • Tech: Doesn’t require VR headsets! Use a Mac or PC, or even a smartphone
  • Have a jumping off point for your Virtual Burn Week Experiences
  • You get orientation on all the worlds and while on duty you have free access.
  • Connect with Volunteers & Staff you might not meet on Playa!
  • Schwag!!!  Nuff said. 

You can reach us at vPlayaInfo@gmail.com