Live Video from the Playa

For those who can’t be on the playa in person, is pleased to offer the Livestream straight from Black Rock City. For more announcements, feedback, and other news follow the #BMwebcast hashtag on the social channel of your choice.

Burning Man Information Radio (94.5 FM) is your nexus for essential information on the playa. Check BMIR for late-breaking event announcements and a melange of music. In the event of an on-site emergency, tune into BMIR for rumor-free updates and advisories to surf the storm to a sane conclusion.


At the Burning Man festival almost every year for the last two decades there has been a symbol, a waypoint, an opportunity: to speak with God. There have been laughs, tears, concern and a most unique human interaction……in a phone booth.

Radio-Electra streams audio live onto the Internet during the Burning Man event. They offer an eclectic array of music, commentary, comedy and general mayhem during the event. If you don’t like what’s on just tune in a couple hours later and it will be entirely different.

From the maker of Piss Clear comes the BRC Weekly, Black Rock City’s independent newsweekly. As Burning Man’s premiere lifestyle & culture rag, the BRC Weekly features funny articles, snarky editorials, and its infamous Out/In Lists and Playa Lingo. Each year, editor Adriana Roberts, and her crack team of writers and contributors, provide the citizens of BRC an entertaining read for their trips to the porta-potty

One of the most honored and touching (and, at times, emotionally difficult) services provided by the webcast team has been to enable remote participants to deliver their own messages to the Temple. Each year, they receive innumerable direct messages or tagged social media posts from participants seeking catharsis and release through these message deliveries. Thanks to the pandemic and the two years of canceled Burns, the messages have already started to come in.

If you want the webcast team to deliver your message to the Temple, tag your favorite social media post with #TempleMSG or email the team directly at up until noon on Sunday before Temple Burn. Anonymous messages can also be DM’d directly to @motorbikematt on most social media.

Got a friend, lover, or campmate who couldn’t make it on playa this year? Tell them to tune in to the Burning Man live webcast ( on Thursday Sep 1, 2022, at 11 a.m. Pacific to see a video postcard from you!
Meet at 6 and Esplanade at 11 a.m. sharp and, with the help of a few friends in the know, march toward the Burning Man Live Webcast where you’ll shake your tail feather in front of the webcam to say hi to your default-world friends!
Very loosely organized by Pickles, King Rusty, and the citizens of Breakaway Republic.

This is a list of Burning Man radio stations


Watch the webcam of the temple build – updated every day

August 31 – build update 

Burners Without Borders has been prototyping a solution to navigating off-grid and off-the-map locations. Use your camera as a compass-like visual guide connected to the physical world through magic of Augmented Reality.

WHITEOUT KIT allows you to search the city for addresses, tag important locations like camps and share tags offline through QR codes—all without network or cell service. 

Tracking down friends at Burning Man used to be harder
than cleaning playa dust out of gold-sequined booty shorts.

This free app lets you and your peeps easily share camp info with
each other, generating a personalized, printable map

Interviews from the dust of the 2021 Renegade Burn!