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The famous What Where When is your go to guide for events at the Playa

vPlaya Info Volunteers, Temple Guardians, VEST Rangers, World and Verse Creators, Builders, Artists and Participants.

You’re Invited to a special celebration event on playa during the Burn honoring the many Virtual Dream World Creators and support teams. To those of you who were an integral part of the Virtual Dream, THANK YOU!!!

This invitation is also especially extended to all creators, builders, artists and volunteers who created and supported The Multiverse 2020 and The Great Unknown Virtual Burn 2021. Anyone who participated in the virtual experience or anyone who simply wants to know more about virtual burn experiences or events is welcome to come by and meet the World Creators.



Offline Burning Man Guide & Map for Camps, Art, and Events. Available free for iOS and Android

Your Burning Man 2022 Directory for all things musical has arrived !

Time To Burn is a handy app to have if you are going to Burning Man. The app includes the contents of the What Where When Guide, Rockstar Librarian’s Music Guide, The Survival Guide, The BRC city map, information on camps, and art installations.