F.A.Q. aka Whiteboards

As questions are asked we will compile the answers here. So check back from time to time and feel free to use the contact form to get in touch or ask more questions!
If you are in the dust at Burning Man check out the Whiteboards which can be found at Playa Info.  The Whiteboards are full of up-to-date information and answers regarding the hottest topics !


  • How does one communicate with ones friends on the playa? I hear there is no cell service but some camps have wifi. Is that accurate?

Getting on the Internet on the playa is always a challenge. The Org does not provide access to the Internet. Some camps might. Remember Wi-Fi does not always connect to the Internet. There is a cell tower in Gerlach but it’s usually overwhelmed. Playa Info in Center camp has a digital directory that you and your friends can use to find each other Go check that out. Finally if you don’t find your friends you get to make brand spanking new friends.
Finally, you can come to Playa Info and check the whiteboards now and then to see if any camps which DO have internet are offering any access to the public.


  • How should I label my things in case I lose them? Email since there’s no way to send/receive texts? Phone number since there is wifi?

I would say your name, your playa name, probably phone number but most importantly the name and location of your camp.  On the practical details side, many people just use good ‘ol duct tape and a sharpie pen.


  • How can I use the differently abled transportation? Do I need a letter from my doctor saying I am disabled? How do I find those vehicles?

Mobility Camp is your best bet. That is the camp that organizes all of that. They are usually found in the Center Camp area very close to Playa Info.  Check with Playa Info if you have a hard time finding it.  Here is the website of Mobility Camp : https://www.mobilitycamp.org/

Please contact them with your questions or visit with them in person at the Playa.