About vPlaya Info

What is vPlaya Info?

Playa Info contributes to a joyful, enriched and fulfilling participant experience.

This is achieved by providing information and services to participants including event orientation, recommendations, acculturation, user tech support and updated event schedules.

Knowledgeable volunteers enhance the participants’ experience by being present inside the Virtual Burn Experiences live in a Video Chat Room and monitoring Chat Text Channels.

Whatever questions may come up we endeavor to work with the participants to find answers and solutions within the context of the 10 Principles and through a continuously updated database of events and FAQ lists.

Additionally vPlaya Info will be reachable for the Burning Man curious outside of the Burning man event.

vPlaya Info cooperates closely with the VEST Rangers and can reach them immediately if necessary.

 How can I reach vPlaya Info?

Typically a Video Chat Room and live Text Chat Channel are activated during the Virtual Burning Man event.

Playa Info provides a “front desk” function providing participants with an immediate “customer service” experience. Dedicated break out rooms for 1:1 conversations are available.

You can reach vPlaya Info at vplayainfo@gmail.com. Volunteer opportunities will be announced soon.