About vPlaya Info

About Virtual Playa Info

Virtual Playa Info is committed to bringing the Burning Man global online community experience together with Live Black Rock City Burning Man Events and Regional Network Events while fostering the growth of Burning Man’s culture of the Ten Principles.  

Virtual Playa Info began this mission during the height of Covid-19 in April of 2020 when the Playa Burn was officially mandated to be canceled. Everything shut down.  Burning Man would not happen in 2020.

Not so fast.  Within the Burning Man Org and the Creators of the soon to be Virtual Worlds, a plan was hatched with only 4 months to produce a virtual online event.  Zoom and Avatars were new concepts. A couple of Playa Info lead veterans said, “We don’t know what will happen, but we’re going to make it happen”.  We had no clue what would become, only “Let’s do it”.   Within a few weeks a core team of Virtual Playa Info Volunteers was formed.

Virtual Playa Info soon became part of a larger volunteer effort that became VEST, the Virtual Event Support Team.  Rangers lead the VEST charge alongside vPlaya Info and were joined by Temple Guardians and Harm Reduction teams.  Cross Team training for virtual volunteers was implemented along with orientation to the Worlds as they also were evolving.  The Virtual Burn was ON.  Along with the 2020 Multiverse, Virtual Playa Info supported other virtual events including Glowforth (Burning Man’s Appreciation Celebration) and Virtual Del Fuego (an East Coast Regional Burn).

In 2021 Burning Man was again shut down because of Covid-19. vPI and VEST had a larger volunteer base, were more interactive, and user friendly. vPI was joined by volunteers from Greeters and theme camps. Live interaction with Burners and the Burner curious was happening.. The Worlds were rocking. Then a curious thing happened. We started to notice our volunteers were not going to be available during the latter part of Virtual Burn Week. Burners were gravitating to the Dust for the un-official Un-Event. We encouraged those who wanted to go. GO.  Find out what you can and transmit it back to us so we can relay info to our Online community.  A live stream Cam from the Playa captured the attention of the online community, especially during The Man Burn and Temple Burn. We watched in awe and envy of those dusty renegades. The Renegade Burn was ON. 

At BRC 2022 Waking Dreams, Virtual Playa Info is positioned to bring the Playa to the Global Burning Man community. We’ve learned that to be virtually relevant to a world wide community we must engage global online viewers by capturing the live events that are occurring in the Dust. People want to see the “in real life” Burning Man.  They really want to actually BE there. We are aspiring to bring more live streaming interactive immersive events to you. With the anticipated proliferation of the internet ON Playa we believe we can bring the Virtual Dust to you. vPlay Info is the online nexus of what’s happening on Playa, whether you’re there physically in the Dust or globally online.  Stay connected with vPlaya.info   “We don’t know what will happen until we get there, but we’re going to make it happen”.  Let’s do it!!    

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